Posted on 18 Apr, 2016

The fields look vibrant green, the bees are murmuring in that strange cult hum exclusive to them. They hop around from flower to flower, just like a surfer who surfs short spaces. The sky looks bright blue and the stars are summer stars flickering like pulsing lodestars. Chanterelles and bulberries adorn the forest floor. The perpetual skies of this season are buckled with clouds and they flare up in a luminous, neon blue every once in a while.

Like they say, "A year without summer is like life without love." The fields look gold yellow with flowers, a sweet scent twirls above the satin soft petals and fruity taste of the air is a blessed joy. Okay so that was me trying to sound like crazy writer trying to belt out some serious vocabulary. Phewww... I could not keep up so I think I will break it down in my colloquial approach.

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Summer I must say is one of my favorite seasons, sipping margaritas sitting on the beach and enjoying the barbecues is something I cannot live without and this season gives me all the reasons to do so. Flaunting some skin, wearing shorts, hats and sunglasses. Ahh.. who would not like doing that? While I have heard a lot of complain from people about how they cannot keep their style intact in this hot weather, I do believe that you actually do not have to try too hard to do so. If you know your basics of Fit, Fabric and Style then it would not take long to get it right regardless of what the season is. This year I found my love in the newly launched "BURNOUT TEES" by Max Fashion. Comfort, effortless style and feel good factor. All rolled up in one. Trust me when I say this - The fabric is as soft as feather. Easy to breathe in.

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Taking the minimalist approach I decided to style model "Ankit Kajla" in something which would make him look stylish and pleasant to the eyes. Three looks, three different colors. I think this is a must have for any man's wardrobe rite now. In the three looks you will see Ankit wearing shorts but you can actually wear burnout tees with chinos or denims as well. Depending on what you are comfortable in. Well... I guess I am going to invest in few pieces. You should too. So head out to the store today grab yourself some. You can thank me later! Photography by - Max Mayank Production house - Adam Productions Venue Partner - 100ft Boutique.Bar.Restaurant

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